Overlevingszwemmen voor de allerkleinsten

Swim - Float - Swim

Even though you may be a very attentive parent, accidents can happen, especially when your child is playing around a pool or lake. Fortunately, children can be made selfreliant in the water at a very young age. They just have to know how! Your child will learn to survive with the swim-float-swim program of Blijven Drijven. 

Your child learns how to swim and float in three to six weeks. With or without clothing, nappy and (winter) jacket, your child has the skills to survive in the event of an unexpected fall into the water. After the program, the child can independently swim, roll over to its back, float and breath, flip back onto its tummy and swim again. This American survival swimming method called swim-float-swim is an international succes for over 50 years and now available in Haarlem, The Netherlands!

The program

Blijven Drijven offers various courses for all ages up to 5 years. Your child gets private lessons.

• A program for babies 7 months and up with a lesson duration of 10 minutes per day, four days per week for four weeks. To be able to participate in this program, your child must be able to roll on it’s own from the back to the tummy and from the tummy to the back.

 • A program for children from 1 to 5 years with a course duration of 10 minutes per day, four days per week, for six weeks. To be able to participate in this program, your child must be able to walk. Blijven Drijven uses a heated pool (34 Degrees Celsius) at sports center Kenamju, so no shivers!

We train in a modern, clean, light and bright pool filtered by electrolyse system (less chlorine). With a comfortable warmwater temperature of 93 degrees Fahrenheit (34 degrees Celcius) no shivers!


Learn how to swim and survive can only be succesfull teaching one-on-one. Short private intense lessons and repetition. It’s all about muscle memory. Therefore it’s important to follow the program serried. Blijven Drijven offers a set schedule, safe and clean pool location and always private lessons from the same certified Infant Aquatic surviva specialist. 

  •  Lessons Monday till Friday
  • Early morning timeschedule between 7:30-10:00 AM
  • Private lessons take 10 till 20 minutes per child
  •  Introduction lessons available!

Keep practicing 

It is important that your child continues to master the acquired skills after completing the course. We’ll teach you how to maintain the swim and float skills with your child. We also offer a weekly 30 minute Funday! grouplesson in which your child, in groups of 4 children maximum, will play and enjoy the water and continue to master the acquired swim and float skills.